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Discover Rockwood: Gateway to Maine Mountains to Hike

Updated: Jun 8

Picture of Mt Kineo from Moose River

Rockwood: Maine Mountains to Hike:

Rockwood is not only a gateway to the stunning Moosehead Lake but also a haven for outdoor enthusiasts eager to explore Maine mountains to hike. Whether you're an avid hiker, a nature lover, or simply seeking some peace in the great outdoors, the Rockwood area offers a variety of scenic trails and mountainous adventures within a 30-mile radius that promise unforgettable experiences. Here’s a look at some of the best spots to explore.

Mt. Kineo

Description: Mt. Kineo is one of the most iconic landmarks in the Moosehead Lake region. Known for its dramatic cliffs and panoramic views, Mt. Kineo offers several trails that cater to different skill levels. The mountain's sheer cliffs rise 800 feet above the lake, creating a stunning visual and offering some of the best views in the area. At the summit, hikers are rewarded with a fire tower that provides a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape, making the climb well worth the effort.

Hiking Trails:

  • Indian Trail: This trail is steep and challenging, offering hikers a rugged ascent with breathtaking views of Moosehead Lake and the surrounding area. It is perfect for experienced hikers looking for a vigorous workout. The trail is approximately 1.1 miles long and features rocky terrain that requires careful navigation.

  • Bridle Trail: This trail provides a more gradual ascent to the summit, making it suitable for hikers of all levels. It offers beautiful forest scenery and joins the Indian Trail near the top. The Bridle Trail is about 1.8 miles long and is ideal for those who prefer a less strenuous hike but still want to reach the summit.

  • Carriage Trail: This trail is more accessible and is perfect for a leisurely hike. It connects with the Bridle Trail, allowing for a varied hiking experience. The Carriage Trail is roughly 2.2 miles and winds through picturesque landscapes, making it an enjoyable route for all ages.

URL for More Information: Mt. Kineo Trails

Big Moose Mountain

Description: Formerly known as Big Squaw Mountain, Big Moose Mountain offers some of the best hiking in the region. The trail to the summit is a moderately difficult hike, featuring diverse terrain, from dense forests to rocky outcrops. The summit offers expansive views of Moosehead Lake and the surrounding wilderness, providing a rewarding payoff for your efforts.

Hiking Trails:

  • Big Moose Mountain Trail: This 5.1-mile out-and-back trail takes you through lush forests, past streams and brooks, to the summit. The trail is moderately challenging, making it perfect for a half-day hike. Hikers will encounter a mix of steep inclines and flat sections, offering a variety of experiences along the way.

URL for More Information: Big Moose Mountain Trail

Little Kineo Mountain

Description: Little Kineo Mountain is a lesser-known gem that offers a quieter, more secluded hiking experience. The trails here are less traveled, making it a perfect spot for those seeking solitude and unspoiled nature. The hike provides beautiful views of the surrounding forests and lakes, and the peaceful environment is ideal for nature lovers.

Hiking Trails:

  • Little Kineo Mountain Trail: A moderate hike that rewards hikers with stunning views of the surrounding landscape and a sense of tranquility away from the more crowded trails. The trail is approximately 4 miles round trip and features gentle slopes, making it accessible for hikers of varying abilities.

URL for More Information: Little Kineo Mountain Trail

Blue Ridge Mountain

Description: Blue Ridge Mountain is a popular destination for hikers looking for a day of adventure and beautiful scenery. The trails here offer varying levels of difficulty, making it a great spot for families and experienced hikers alike. The mountain's trails offer scenic overlooks and the chance to see local wildlife.

Hiking Trails:

  • Blue Ridge Trail: This scenic trail offers a moderate challenge and provides hikers with rewarding views of the surrounding landscape, including vistas of nearby lakes and forests. The trail is about 3.5 miles long and features diverse terrain, from wooded paths to open ridges.

URL for More Information: Blue Ridge Mountain Trail

Lily Bay State Park

Description: While not a mountain, Lily Bay State Park offers some fantastic hiking opportunities along the shores of Moosehead Lake. The trails here are well-maintained and provide a perfect setting for a leisurely hike with picturesque views. The park is also a great spot for picnicking, swimming, and wildlife watching.

Hiking Trails:

  • Lily Bay Loop Trail: A family-friendly trail that winds along the lake shore, offering stunning views and opportunities for wildlife spotting. It’s an excellent choice for a relaxed hike with scenic beauty at every turn. The trail is approximately 2 miles long and features flat, easy terrain suitable for all ages.

URL for More Information: Lily Bay State Park Trails

Number Four Mountain

Description: Number Four Mountain is another fantastic hiking destination near Rockwood. Known for its scenic views and relatively challenging trail, it’s a great spot for hikers looking for a rewarding climb and beautiful vistas.

Hiking Trails:

  • Number Four Mountain Trail: This 4-mile out-and-back trail offers a moderately difficult hike with steep sections and beautiful views of the surrounding wilderness. The summit provides panoramic views, making it a perfect spot for photography and relaxation.

URL for More Information: Number Four Mountain Trail

Baker Mountain

Description: Baker Mountain offers a serene hiking experience with trails that meander through dense forests and open meadows. It’s an excellent spot for those looking to enjoy nature in a peaceful setting.

Hiking Trails:

  • Baker Mountain Trail: This trail is about 3 miles round trip and is suitable for hikers of all levels. It offers gentle slopes and beautiful scenery, making it a relaxing hike with opportunities to spot local wildlife.

URL for More Information: Baker Mountain Trail

What to Do in Moosehead Lake

For those seeking more activities and detailed guides, Moose River Lookout offers a wealth of information about the Moosehead Lake area. From seasonal events and community news to outdoor adventure guides and dining recommendations, Moose River Lookout is your new resource for exploring the region. In addition to hiking, you can find information on boating, fishing, camping, and local attractions.

URL for More Information: Moosehead News


The mountains and trails near Rockwood, Maine, provide endless opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure. Whether you're summiting peaks, wandering through forests, or enjoying lakeside views, the natural beauty of this region is sure to captivate and inspire. So lace up your hiking boots, grab your gear, and set out to discover the wonders that await in Rockwood, Maine.

Where to Stay

Enhance your adventures with a comfortable stay at our Moosehead Lake cabins, located amidst the natural beauty of Maine's Highlands. Whether you're exploring Monson, Shirley, Greenville, Rockwood, or Jackman, our accommodations offer the perfect access to the Blue Ridge Mountain, from the backyard of our Moose River cabin retreat.

So, whether you're seeking solitude in the wilderness or simply yearning for a change of pace, consider embracing the Maine Highlands and you'll find hidden gems waiting to be discovered like the Maine mountains to hike!!


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