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Moosehead Historical Society: Opening Day

outside the Moosehead Historical Society building and monument

All Day Event

June 19, 2024

Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center

6 Lakeview Street, Greenville Junction Maine

Moosehead Historical Society

The Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center, affectionately known as the Community House, is a historic landmark nestled in downtown Greenville, directly across from the picturesque Moosehead Lake. This iconic building has been a cornerstone of the region’s culture and history for over a century, hosting countless community events and welcoming generations of families. Today, it is proudly owned and maintained by the Moosehead Historical Society, featuring a 100-person auditorium, an aviation museum, and various exhibits showcasing the rich heritage of the Moosehead region.

A Century of History and Community

The Community House was originally constructed in 1904 as a 60’ x 40’, two-story structure, dedicated that September as the Universalist Chapel. It served the Universalist congregation until 1930, when it was acquired by the Ready Workers Society of the Union Evangelical Church. The Society transformed the building into a versatile community hub, operating a kitchen and dining hall on the first floor and a large meeting hall with a stage on the second floor.

For the next 75 years, the Community House became the heart of Greenville’s social life, hosting dances, dinners, concerts, plays, weddings, and more. It was a place where residents and visitors alike created lasting memories and celebrated significant milestones, earning a special place in the hearts of the Moosehead community.

Preservation and Restoration

In the early 2000s, the Community House faced a critical juncture when the Ready Workers Society could no longer sustain its upkeep and decided to sell the property. The risk of private investors purchasing or demolishing the historic building loomed large. To safeguard this cultural gem, the Moosehead Historical Society stepped in and acquired the property in 2005.

Over the next two decades, the Society embarked on an ambitious restoration plan. The first-floor dining area was converted into museum space, modern propane heaters replaced the outdated furnace, and a handicap-accessible bathroom was added. The second-floor meeting hall continued to host various events, from art exhibits and meetings to high school proms, ensuring the Community House remained a vibrant part of Greenville’s social fabric.

A Hub of Culture and History

Today, the Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center offers a wealth of exhibits and historical insights. The first floor features popular exhibits such as the B-52 exhibit, commemorating a tragic 1963 crash, and a collection of rare Native American artifacts that delve into Moosehead’s indigenous history. Visitors can also explore the area’s rich medical history and visit the Moosehead Aviation Museum, a dedicated space highlighting the region’s aviation heritage.

The second floor remains a versatile space for meetings, presentations, and community events. Visitors are encouraged to check the event calendar to see the exciting programs planned throughout the year.

A Living Testament

The Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center is more than just a museum; it is a living testament to the past, present, and future of the Moosehead Lake region. As custodians of this cultural treasure, the Moosehead Historical Society invites you to explore and appreciate the rich history encapsulated within its walls.

Plan Your Visit

Season Dates:

  • Wednesday—Friday

  • 10 AM—3 PM

  • June 19—October 1

  • Closed July 4

Join us on June 19th for the opening day celebration and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Moosehead Lake region. Discover the stories, artifacts, and memories that make this community so special. The Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center is located at 6 Lakeview Street, Greenville, Maine. For more information, visit Moosehead Cultural Heritage Center or call (207) 123-4567.

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